Frequently Asked Questions

How does Astra Capital Management align itself with the best interests of clients?

At Astra Capital Management, we have a fiduciary responsibility to clients, which means that we are required by law to provide advice that is in your best interest. Unlike many financial advisors (especially those who are employed by banks, brokerage firms, and insurance companies), we are not limited to a particular line of financial products, and we never make commissions based on the recommendations we make.

Where are my assets held?

All clients establish the account(s) in their name at an independent third-party custodian, unaffiliated with Astra Capital Management. These include TD Ameritrade Institutional and Interactive Brokers.

Does Astra Capital Management have access to my money?

No. We have the authority to trade securities in your account, deduct management fees, and assist with fund transfers that you have pre-authorized with the custodian.

Are there any investment lock-up periods or penalties for making withdrawals?

No. There are never any penalties for withdrawing investments or discontinuing the use of our services.

How is Astra Capital Management compensated?

Astra Capital Management is a fee-only registered investment advisor. 100% of the revenue we generate comes from client fees for advisory services. We never receive any commissions or referral fees from selling financial products or recommending a particular broker.

Why is Astra Capital Management’s registration status “Conditional Restricted” in Texas?

In most states, state-registered investment advisors may have up to five clients before registering with a particular state where they do not maintain a physical presence (an exemption commonly referred to as the national de minimis standard). While Texas recognizes the national de minimis standard, unlike other states, Texas requires notice filing for state-registered advisors without a physical presence, in order to have any clients that are Texas residents. Since Astra Capital Management has notice filed, this generates the “Conditional Restricted” status shown.