Development of an Investment Policy Statement, ongoing monitoring and rebalancing

Institutional investment opportunities including Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) and many others

Alternative investment analysis and recommendations

Customized bond portfolios: Brokered CDs and investment grade municipal bonds

Integration and advice on outside investment accounts and work-based retirement plans

Tax-loss harvesting

Assistance with Roth IRA conversions and recharaterizations

Account aggregation and on-demand performance reporting

Tax strategies for investment accounts


Tax-Planning: Through careful planning and coordination with your accountant, we help you to minimize the impact of taxes. We provide year-round tax loss harvesting, along with Roth conversion and recharacterization recommendations.

Risk Management: From property and casualty insurance to life, disability, and long-term care, we’ll make sure that you have addressed these sources of risk. We do not receive commissions for the sale or recommendation of any financial or insurance products.

Education Planning: We will model how much to save for children’s educational expenses utilizing Monte Carlo simulations and make sure you’re using the right type of account to accomplish these goals.

Retirement Planning: We'll analyze the range of outcomes based on your current income, savings rate, and anticipated expenses. Based on these inputs, we will model the likelihood of reaching your retirement goals, and recommend adjustments that will help to optimize your retirement savings.

Estate Planning: We will model the likely range of estate outcomes and collaborate with your estate attorney to implement the planning technique that distributes your assets according to your wishes while attempting to minimize the impact of estate taxes.